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Africaid - WhizzKids United

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Support Africaid because ALL young people deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of their background or where they live!

The impact WhizzKids United has in Edendale's community is simply amazing. Adolescents have a 'green paradise' where they can feel safe, get treated well and can have fun.

Fantastic work with HIV children. They learn to value themselves and have self respect. They are also encouraged to help others in the community.

Whizzkids does amazing things for amazing kids who will do amazing things given half the chance

It uses sport to engage children in south africa to help there lives in ways they wouldn't even imagine.

The work with teenagers is amazing in this youth friendly centre, which is always buzzing with kids

everyone needs opportunity and advantage

Agricultural training center

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The only school and information centre in the area that: -Gives Young people opportunities to study and to move on to higher-level education in the cities -Informs for the first time in history farmers and people from around the region about sustainable farming techniques and their application focused on food security and the adjustments due to climate change -Which learns the population a sustainable management of their own forest to protect the rainforest with its flora and fauna.

Small scale, low cost operation of local Agricultural project, the return of which finances a school.

Gives poor people the chance to get a diploma, is an alternative for bushmeat hunting, will replace unsustainable by sustainable agriculture, creates new jobs, ...

"Niets heeft meer kracht dan een gedachte waarvoor de tijd rijp is" VH

All love is equal!

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The Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby of New South Wales (Australia) has been working since 1988 to secure equal rights for gay men, lesbians and their families. With homosexuality still illegal in close to 80 countries around the world, and punishable by death in several, it is time for all the world to hear that All Love Is Equal!

ALS Liga België

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ALS Liga België has supported patients with the deadly disease ALS for two decades now. They offer mobility and communication aid as well as psychosocial support to patients and their families, free of charge, even though they are not subsidized and work mainly with motivated volunteers. ALS Liga stands up for the patients' rights, supports scientific research, organizes fundraisers and more. Together we can eradicate ALS from the planet... so let's start by launching the ALS Liga into space!

they do a verry good job

ALS moet de wereld uit! De ALS Liga zet zich alle dagen in voor mensen met ALS en strijd samen met hen tegen deze ziekte!

ALS is a terrible disease that needs to receive more funding in their search for a cure

Omdat zij fantastisch werk doen voor alle ALS patiënten en familieleden!!! Dikke proficiat voor al hun werk!!!

Om iedereen te kunnen helpen


My grandmother died of ALS, and now i want to make ALS aware. So their maybe could be a cure for it, one day!

ALTRUIS Indonesia

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Broaden the dimension of humanity projects through internship - voluntary program for cross-cultural education at under developing areas and global solidarity in Indonesia.

Antwerps Netwerk Arbeidszorg - ANA vzw

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The Antwerp Network Arbeidszorg (ANA vzw) organizes labor care to an audience who due to personal or social constraints are unable (yet) to function in the regular or social employment circuit. In seven labor care centers the target audience can participate in employment activities. A process of measuring performance and progress is undertaken with every target employee. ANA is in association with its seven labor care centers still the main organizer of labor care in Antwerp.

ANA is providing labourcare to over 100 people who have difficulties to return to the regular labour circuit. They learn work ethics, discipline and experience inclusion allowing them to regain confidence in their own abilities. Due to severe financing cuts by the City of Antwerp, ANA is having great difficulties in maintaining this public service and risks to be forced to close one or more of its 6 labourcentres.

Art 27 vzw

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Art 27 spreads article 27 from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: 'Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.' We make art and literature accessible for everybody, especially for people in poor living situations.

Autism South Australia

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To raise global awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which now occurs in 1 in 100 children with prevalence rates increasing every year. We want to shine a light on individuals with ASD to show that there is nothing wrong with them, only that they see the world differently - and that difference should be celebrated!


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B.I.T. build it together is het sociaal-artistiek project van Jeugdcentrum Vizit. Samen met jongeren bouwen we aan bovenlokale, gemeenschapsvormende kunstwerken. Let's build it together!

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The Backpack Bed is an emergency bed for street sleeping homeless people without shelter. A lightweight backpack that unrolls to a portable bed that is waterproof & fire retardant with a built in mattress. 15,000+ Backpack Beds have been given to street sleeping homeless across Australia, USA, UK, NZ, Germany, Canada & Spain. Study proven to improve health, dignity, sleep, warmth, comfort & safety. Awarded an Australian Human rights award by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Belgian Homeless Cup

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Battling homelessness through a game: a ball can change a life!

the belgian homeless cup motivates homeless people, social workers, communities, volunteers, rich men.. for the same goal

This is simply a VERY good cause! many homeless people never leave their hometown, let alone travel longdistance. Winning this would be awesome!

They do A good job


a positive approach on homelessness for a change. they believe in the potential of their players

Giving a something to look forward to gives hope to people in a difficult situation.

The Belgian Homeless Cup literally changes people's lives. I have seen it with my own eyes!

What they do is heart-warming. Homeless people are people, first and foremost, and homeless after. They deserve to participate in society.

Never been closer to reality

Cause they rick

it's the Belgian Homeless Cup!


Because they have so many force and they deserve to get something with their name

Is an awesome organization that gives a chance to improve their lives to those who need it the most and that not a lot of people take them in count!!!


Because of the great goals of the organisation

Bringing people together!

It must win !

there's no more street credibiliy to get in outer space

It is a beautiful project, a way to introduce people without home feeling well with other people !


Merely because BHC give respect to people on the fringes of society by their own merits and efforts. Homeless people who get the chance to shine again through one of the most popular sports worldwide, are not only controlling the ball game but in a certain way also their lives. They deserve to orbit around the moon, stars between the stars.

because he belongs there

BEST Leuven - Board of European Studens of Technology

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BEST strives to empower diversity by developing technology students all over Europe (Leuven is one of the 96 local groups). They provide complementary education for students in the form of exchanges and competitions, and are involved with the improvement of educational systems in order to make students develop to their full potential.

Biblionef Vlaanderen vzw

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Biblionef is a world wide netwerk of ngo s helping children and youngsters with books,Reading and teaching projects. Only done by volunteers and gifts. Projects all over THE world from south africa to Suriname, from Holland to Vietnam ....


Support them too

because I agree with the project of "les infirmières de rue"

BOKS ngo

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BOKS, a patient organisation, tries to give the children a better life , more quality in the sometimes short period they are around. To do so , they need a lot of help from warm hearted people but obviously they also need a lot of financlal help to realise this. But the smile of each and every one of these children makes up for it! Thank you all in advance for your help!!!


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Over 15 people with albinism have been killed.

Centrum D'Broej

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Very simple ! We help Young people towards leadership and emancipation. They are actively participating at a better world and earth.

CKG De Stap vzw

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CKG De Stap helps families with children from 0 to 12 years old. The upbringing of children isn't always easy and anyone deserves a hand! De Stap offers courses for parents and children and even houses children for a short period of time when the parents cannot look after them themselves.

Construction of a Ground Station for African Student Resaerch/ Hohoe- Ghana/ Adzicels Happy Home Fdn

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The space technology has gone up high throughout the whole world with the exception of Africa still under severe poverty, social and economic constraint. Student in Africa continue to suffer under-development problems, this project when successfully completed will enable students in Africa to be able to study and research into space technology to enable them advance their talents and utilize this opportunity to develop the African continent.

Convoi Exceptionnel

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Because they show how you can be great in little things.

Croix Rouge de Belgique

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150 ans à aider le monde. Tout le monde.


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Cunina is convinced that education is the key to a better future. Therefore, Cunina sends children in 5 developing countries to school by personal sponsorships. A Cunina godparent pays € 30/month to support the school fees of his godchild. Cunina also realizes projects that improve the quality of education (construction of schools, training of teachers...) .

De Groene Oase

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Because their human-animal therapy is perfect for both animals and humans. It's just a perfect win-win situation!

Most Animals help people and some people help animals. Those few people who do, deserve support and a big thank you!

De Sperwer vzw

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De Sperwer vzw is a non-profit organization that provides support for adults with disabilities in work, free-time and living. The core idea of our organization is the appreciative approach to each unique individual. We let all the people and their ideas grow: all people we work with, no matter how small the unique relationships are. That gets people moving. We all join forces.

A nice place to be

Nice workplace with nice people!

Simply because they do a great job!

Omdat het waarderende mensen sterker maakt.

because apprecative collaboration is a good job

Designers against AIDS

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New HIV infections are still rising all over the world, but if young people can get the right information -so they realise that they have to use protection- we can get back to zero infections within a decade!

DOMO Leuven

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It is a non profit organisation with about a hundred volunteers, mostly students from KU Leuven, who help the children of vulnarable families in Leuven, by doing things with the young children.

Domo vzw

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Alle kinderen, ook de meest kwetsbare, hebben recht op een mooie, volwaardige jeugd.

goed werk!

Being there as a friend for lonely parents and children

Volunteers at Domo vzw organisation support mommies and daddies and children from vulnerable families during the difficult path of education to give them more chances for a good life.

Doing something for other people is always good

Domo is een prachtige vrijwilligers organisatie

People sometimes need a little bit of help and DOMO provides that. We go together for a better future!

because it's really a good cause !!!!!

Interpersoonlijke solidariteit is het beste antwoord op verzuring en individualisering. Domo in een groter daglicht stellen zorgt voor hoop en vertrouwen dat we samen een impact kunnen hebben op de samenleving van morgen.

An amazing organization which helps our society become a warmer place, by sending someone to a family in need to help them and their children to regain a promising future!!!!!!!!!

What this society misses is some humanity for those who are not in a comfortable position. Domo succeeds in bringing those who are in such a comfortable position closer to those who aren't and helps making our little world a better place for everyone.

omdat kinderen onze toekomst zijn

Sociale steun is onontbeerlijk in onze maatschappij vandaag. Veel mensen leven geïsoleerd, hebben niemand om op terug te vallen. Vrijwilligers bij Domo zijn een goede buur, een vriend aan huis bij heel wat gezinnen met jonge kinderen. Zo krijgen deze kinderen ontwikkelingskansen en worden ouders ondersteund in hun ouder zijn.

They schould know in space that in a region called flanders there are vollonteers who support families with children to get into a beter world for these families and childrens.

The volunteers of Domo vzw. are supporting parents with the education of the children. Every week they spend half a day in the family to help these parents who need someone for advice, to talk to, to play with the children... just a good friend whitout predjudices. Children are our future and giving them the best possibilities for a good education they will have more chances to become a responsable aduld and, who nows, our next spacetravelers.

domo helpt meer kansen te creëren voor kinderen uit kansarme gezinnen

Zeer goede organisatie die zeer zinvol werk doet


Domo is the best organisation in Belgium for family support bij volonteers so we help childeren to look up to the stars and to realise their dreams

'Education through Art and Sport' Foothold Uk Ltd anti discrimination organisation

Support them too

Foothold uses original artwork inspired by the subject of football to promote anti-discrimination in sport and wider society. Key projects include 'Black Looks' a Hall of fame in celebration of ethnic footballers (1863-2015) and Moving the Goalposts a parallel project tracing over a century of the women's game (1881-2015)


Support them too

EMERGENCY is an independent NGO that provides free, high quality medical and surgical treatment to victims of war and poverty. Since 1994, it has treated one patient every 2 minutes. One in three was a child. EMERGENCY promotes a culture of peace and solidarity, through the fostering of public health care systems based on human rights. At present, the organization is mainly active in Afghanistan, Iraq’s Kurdistan, Sudan and Sierra Leone. ( )

They are of great men and great women with a big heart!!!

It is the best ONG that I have ever heard about.

Because proper medical care is human right that should be available to all individuals without discrimination. EMERGENCY has been treating a victim of war and poverty every 2 minutes for the past 20 years, completely free of charge and with the highest standard of care.

because free of charge healthcare should be a right for everyone

top organitation for peace!

because are great

High-level standards of care for free in resource-limited settings.

Emergency is very important for many people


Because of their commitment for peace

Lavoro con loro e sono fantastici!

Giustizia, uguaglianza, dignità.

Life support For victims of war. They deserve the nobel prize For their work

Un messaggio di cura, pace e diritti anche nello spazio!

thank Emergency !

perchè sono una fonte di speranza

Luca silvagni

Because they save some People

Per la grande umanita' e il grande rispetto che hanno per il genere umano,per tutto cio' che fanno...

Emergency is able to make a difference for a lot of people. Thank you!

la causa di emergency è universale

emergengy è sinonimo di pace

they're wonderful

Perche sono degli eroi, perche aiutano chi è piu in difficoltà, perche sono nelle zone di guerra per aiutare i ferite.

Perche'credo nel lavoroche fanno le persone di emergency.....:-)

Because Emergency really cares.

per i diritti universali


best lifesafety in the word

Perchè quando tutti scappano, loro fanno il giro del mondo per essere esattamente dove serve

Because is a civil duty

Emergency is an italian non governative group of people who take care of other people in a lot of countries of the world, I think that it deserves to be known in that way

Emergency is a great organization!!

for their incredible job

Very active in saving human beings.

Because it's a very good cause!


Great, honest and innovative italian Ong.

Emergency è presente dove c'è bisogno,li entri senza che nessuno ti chieda di che religione,fede politica o nazionalità, sarai curato al massimo delle loro possibilità.

Equal opportunity of health for everyone

Emergency è importante

No more war!

Love For all

Pace, diritti

It's saving millions of people

Perchè danno senso alla parola umanità.

Emergency helps everyone everywhere. People are the same wherever they live. Peace.

Pace, diritti


emergency ngo the best organization not governament, of italy

Facciamo arrivare il nostro messaggio di cura, pace e diritti anche nello spazio!

Perché aiutano tutti i malati che hanno bisogno


They do an extraordinary work not only in the states devastated by war and disease, but also in their own country, Italy. They deserve it for their passion and tenacious

for life

They make the Earth a better place, and let me believe and hope in the human goodness

Emergency, proud of them who give hope to umanity

io credo in Emergency e in tutto quello che fa.

Peace and love

millions of reasons

credo in emergensy

It's a great association and it do an important

for peace......

their work to bring healt service in war zones is simply one of the things humanity should be most proud of

because they work for peace and the right to health of the people persecuted and suffering.

Emergency is the best association that helps people all over the world!

Because Emergency is good.

Because emergency helps people that umanity not remember

Because they cure for free millions of people all around the world, victims of war, landmines ad deseases like ebola.

I want that Emergency will be known in all of the world

Emergency is the best organization all ovet the world

Because they take care of the invisible, forgotten people, offering their professionalism and humanity.

organizzazione eccezionale

is the best

Per le persone e oltre!

Good action who help all people they can. The world need it, let bring the message of Emergency, on space too ...

i like

emergency is one of the only non profit organisations working in war zones, treating people and not factions. they were in the front line in treating Ebola patients in west Africa. They deserve to share their message

Because emergency has treated 6 million people in 20 years

Because Thatcher Save lives

Because don't want WAR

very good

The il messaggio arrivi chiaro e forte...

for peace

Emergency is very important charitable organization

Xke è una associazione seria

Emergency for life of everybody

The great job done in a decade for civilian victims of wars, the most frail and poor in the world from Afghanistan, to Iraq, Cambodia, Sierra Leone. Among their efforts, the treatment centres in SR for ebola patients. Thanks.

Emergency e' sacra!

Because emergency are the best in the world

Emergency IS Good!

Because Emergency takes care about men, women and children in poor countries

Because they help all people in the world


Sono un orgoglio per l'umanità

Peace & Love

I diritti degli uomini devono essere di tutti gli uomini ma proprio di tutti altrimenti chiamateli privilegi

è un'associazione seria fayta di persone fantastichr

They have a really important message to send: no war!

Emergency is helping people suffering from war and poverty getting new chance of life

Perche' Emergency realmente supporta chi ha bisogno di aiuto

Because it's emergency

I support Emergency

Emergency take care of war victims

humanity is to love and help those less fortunate. emergency does it!

Emergency is always there to help peaple in need.

They have a unique approach to peace through health care.


These People work hard to save lives in places abandoned by the international community!


THE BEST for humans rights !!!!

Emergency is always on the front line to take care of people

salvano vite umane. credo dica tutto

Su un pianeta così piccolo i giganti della pace curano i corpi e le menti di vittime, carnefici e spettatori

persone che dedicano la loro vita, la loro intelligenza, il loro coraggio nella cura delle vittime delle guerre

I know the work of Emergenc, great.

Xkè Emergency nn fa distinzione fra i pazienti

Emergency isola the best!!

Because, for me, Emergency si not only a good no profit NGO, but it's a good way to view the life

be cause is a brave ong anti war

Because i love peace and Emergency too.

Perché sono in tutto il mondo a curare i più bisognosi senza chiedere niente in cambio.

Perché sono i migliori

Evert day Evert time to the edge where people (mostly children) suffer forma wars, disies, viruses without politica Jones without differences of race,religion, nationality, only medicali mission

Let's promote life!


They are the best


Help no profit organizations

Because they are our only hope....our hope to have a better world because good people still exist...and they go on contrasting bad things of our world. Peace...

voto perchè è una organizzazione che si occupa di fare arrivare emergenza in quei paesi dove ci sono guerre e altro


Stop the war ..

I love Emergency

Because Emergency si the ONG giving free help and support to many people all around the world

Then bring health and Peace in all Countries, facing wars and fatal illness, for all People in need

They ade very human people

Emergency respects all humans without discriminations, because We are all the SAME HUMAN

Because Gino Strada and Emergency's physiscians, they are the best. They fight everyday to save men, women and children in a world where we all are becoming increasingly indifferent to other people's pain and suffering . Between wars and epidemics they risk their own lives without asking anything in return and, above all, without ever give in to political pressure.


I love their ideals and his incredible work.

Because is "EMERGENCY"!

Because they give the best cure to all in the hardest places in the world

sto con quelli che usano il bisturi per riparare i danni della guerra, non con quelli che la guerra la fanno


because it is against all wars

because too victims of persecution, relgions and wars are dieing in the mediterrean.

Veri ! ... :) Davvero !!

I Believe in what they do and the urgency of it

Ho fiducia in persone fantastiche meritevoli di stima che senza tanto clamore aiutano tutti ma proprio tutti anche noi ad essere migliori e a credere che si può sempre fare qualcosa. Grazie

Ho una grande ammirazione per tutti gli operatori di emergency pwr quello che fanno

Sono fiero di sapere che esiste Emergency una organizzazione che senza troppo casino ha aiutato malati da ebola ecc. vincendo e guarire feriti dalle guerre in giro per il mondo


Perché questi medici rischiano la loro vita per aiutare gli altri!

The most serious

perchè è un organizzazione che porta oltre alla pace cure mediche senza fare distingui alle vittime di guerra

dove c'è un diritto violato, emercency è sempre sul territorio per difendere e salvare i più deboli!

E' un'associazione seria e coerente.

Siete unici..

because Emergency is opposed to all wars. Posterity will wonder what is the war

I care

Because yes, this is the most important association of Italy

help a lot of people

emergency è la onlus più utile onesta e democratica

W Emergency!

good company

cause i like the way they face humanitarian emergencies all over the worls

They help people

Emergency è un'organizzazione unica, fatta da persone speciali guidate da un GRANDE Gino Strada.

Great people, they deserve to be known and appreciated all over the world ... And above :)

i like Emergency!

They are Angels on the Earth...

to give peace a chance

Emergency deserves the support of all of us because they bravely help the world every day!

Emergency works around the world. It would be good to see it from the hospitals in the space.

Because Emergrncy is The best!

Cause they r great !


they are providing care of the highest level to everyone

The best NGO in the world...ops, in the space!


I love emergency

Io sto con emergency

Libertà giustizia democrazia

Because peace is hope and future. Because everyone need the same rights and the same treatments. In all the fields of life.

Rendono migliore l'umanità!!!!!

The reason is that Emergency is the most important italian ong. I'm proud of them. Thank you.

For human right!!!!!!

emergency is peace

Because they are great people, and we are very proud of them. They are a splendid example of human being.



Support them too

Whi is for the peace

EMERGENCY ong Italiana

Support them too

cure, rispetto per la dignità di ogni essere umano

because every person spread all over the world deserves optimal medical treatments

Expertisecentrum Dementie Vlaanderen vzw

Support them too

Omdat mensen met dementie en wie hen omringen een betere kwaliteit van leven mogen ervaren. Wij helpen mee het verschil te maken!

Omdat mensen met dementie en wie hen omringen een betere kwaliteit van leven mogen ervaren. Wij helpen mee het verschil te maken!

Fietscampagne 'We Cycle this City'

Support them too

Fietscampagne 'We Cycle this City' tries to stimulate people to use the bicycle more often for everyday use, by advertising billboards on the website and Facebook-page from the campaign.

Fondation Saint-Luc

Support them too

By supporting the Fondation Saint-Luc, you can help researchers save and improve lives! Thanks to you, they will gain knowledge and experience to treat illness and combat disease. THANK YOU!

Frog Safe

Support them too

To recognise the amazing work they do, their tireless effort and for making a difference to one of earths smallest creatures.

If we can keep the frogs alive then there is hope for the other species as well. Awareness of frogs equates to awareness of the environment, which in turn protects all of the planet's living things.

Frog Safe, Inc.

Support them too

Australia has the worst animal extinction rate in the world and "cute and cuddlies" get the most attention. So Frog Safe has focussed on the cool and very important frog population! We rescue frogs with diseases, parasites and cancer and assist carers around the country to recover frogs from a range of pathogens and injuries. The frogs themselves tell us what is wrong with their world so that we can educate people to change their behaviours and make the world safer for all gentle creatures.

Frogs are going, we will follow soon after. Look after frogs is looking after the environment for the human race .

They are very small group with a very big heart when it comes to frog care.

Frogs are our barometer for the health of the planet. Only awareness can save them, and by extension, all of the other species who inhabit our planet.

GBS De Vlinderdreef

Support them too

Omdat wij kinderen helpen groot worden

Gent Festival van Vlaanderen - We Share Music

Support them too

Sinds 8 jaar sporen we in samenwerking met SBPV en andere blindenverenigingen de psychologische, emotionele en praktische drempels op die blinde en slechtziende kinderen en volwassenen ondervinden om zorgeloos aan ons festival deel te nemen. Hierdoor kunnen we jaarlijks tijdens ons festival in september een comfortbeleving aanbieden: programmateksten in braille en grootletterdruk, vervoer van en naar de concertlocaties, een tandemvoorrijder tijdens de muzikale fietstocht, ... We share Music

We Share Music brings people together and gives people who live in all kinds of circumstances the chance to enjoy music in the best possible way. We offer the possibility to be accompanied by nice volunteers who pick you up for our concerts and bring you safely back home afterwards. We present texts with the programme of the evening in braille and large print. We organise classical concerts in hospitals and homes for the elderly. Etc... WE just SHARE MUSIC!

Giant Steps Sydney

Support them too

We all face various challenges throughout our lifetime. For children and young adults who have moderate to profound Autism, every day is full of challenges. Here at Giant Steps Sydney we help and support these students and their families to overcome these challenges and to attain milestones that were previously thought impossible. Please help us make a difference in the lives of these students and their families.

Giesbaergske Koleuren Gazette

Support them too

Giesbaergske Koleuren Gazette tries to stimulate superdiverse society by making interviews with people from all over the world trying to make their life in the West.

Girls Who Code

Support them too

Because programming is the feature and it is not for men only


Support them too

GLICE program is to bridge the digital divide in Burundi, DRC and Rwanda and help to implement and protect health and the Environment from dangerous and hazardous components from ICT equipments.

Hans Schmitz

Support them too

Because it is very important to raise conciousness.

Healesville Living and Learning Centre

Support them too

'Many people are good at talking about what they do, but in fact do little. Others do a lot, but don't talk about it; they are the ones that make a community live.'

Heart Reach Australia Medical Ambulance Boat for Vietnam's Mekong Delta region

Support them too

Millions of poor children and families live on or near waterways in Vietnam. Hundreds of fatalities and medical emergencies cannot be treated due to no regular medical access by road. They have NO ambulance boats. HRA has an appeal to raise funds to buy and equip two. This is ground breaking, urgent and an amazing cause!

Herman Rasschaert Vrienden

Support them too

We support the power of change that comes from the people themselves.

Huntington Liga vzw

Support them too

De Huntington Liga is een zelfhulpgroep voor patiënten, families, hulpverleners en belangstellenden betrokken bij de ziekte van Huntington. In 1974 richtten Prof. dr. F. Baro en prof. dr. H. Van Den Berghe mee de vereniging op. De Huntington Liga organiseert regelmatig familiebijeenkomsten en activiteiten op regionaal niveau en een jaarlijkse Ledendag. Risico- en gendragers kunnen terecht in geëigende werkgroepen om beter met hun specifieke problemen te leren omgaan.

Huntington Liga vzw

Support them too

To make more awarness about the Huntington Disease and support families who are infected by this dominant hereditary neurodegenereative disorder

De ziekte van Huntington moet absoluut overwonnen worden.

Infirmiers de rue

Support them too

they work hard and it's very usefull

Sortir de la rue, c'est possible ! Bravo pour le magnifique travail qu'accomplissent ces infirmiers de rue et bravo pour les résultats obtenus.

This association helps homeless people by giving them a new self-esteem. In a very human way, they understand and guide people to stand up again on their own, starting from hygiene. The strength of Infirmiers de Rue (Street nurses) is their energy, positive attitude, outstanding human organization. Besides the day to day work, they share and share again their knowledge and experience with other associations and corporates. Their manual is a complete summary of their practical approach.

They are amazing, very ambitious et positive values, are working towards a real change in society which we need. Very impressive.

Because they thing and and see homeless peoples with dignity

Good job, good cause !!!!

They are doing an incredible job helping the homeless people and trying to get them out of the street...

She helps the persons that don't have a house and works for the good solutions in Brussels! beautiful: A positif team so beautiful!!!

Infirmiers de rue asbl

Support them too

Cette association a mis en place "Une approche originale des personnes en détresses qui se sont coupées de la réalité". Elle obtient de très bons résultats de réinsertion . Il faut qu'elle puisse continuer. Elle le mérite 100 fois.

Infirmiers de rue asbl - Straatverplegers vzw

Support them too

Because they take care of people living in the street and, through hygiene, medical care and valorisation of talents, help them to get back in a home and in society.

Magnifique ASBL !

Une équipe dynamique et positive qui croit en la personne et son avenir

Travail exceptionnel à l'égard des personnes sans-abri

Association que je soutiens.

I know the people who work for this organization. They are great and do, daily, an incredible job.

Because they really care!

infirmiers des rues

Support them too

Meeting the most isolated and neglected ones living in the streets, acknowledging their hidden talents and the spark of life in their heart, and giving them the opportunity for a new start in life!

Infirmiersderue Asbl

Support them too

A man abandoned in the street cannot stay alone !!! Infirmiersderue helps them to get back in dignity and healty !

Jakedoe T'hope

Support them too

JaKedoe is een vrijwilligersorganisatie die werkt met en voor maatschappelijk kwetsbare kinderen en jongeren. Door samen te werken leren we elkaar beter te begrijpen en voelen we ons met elkaar verbonden. Door solidair te zijn met elkaar, hopen we een klein steentje bij te dragen om armoede de wereld uit te bannen.

JES vzw

Support them too

JES is an urban laboratory which constantly develops new innovative projects for young people in the city. They help young people, living in large cities, between 6 and 30 years old, of whom a lot are low-skilled and have a migrant background. They stimulate youngsters to develop their talents and competences.

To help youngsters in their search for identity. In times like these, most wanted...

Innovative, young, puts young people first. Getting young people back on the map!

Omdat JES onze steden leef-en speelbaar maakt... kwestie van het niet in de ruimte te moeken zoeken

It is a good visible logo. They do a lot for youngsters all over Belgium in urban environment.

Let the voice of the youth of Brussels be heard, even into space!

"JES" means : "youth in the city". and thàt means : WE ARE - twice - THE FUTURE!!!

Because young people will shape the future. The future is written in the stars. JES!

gewoon te goed voor de aarde

JES is an urban laboratory, so innovation and experiments are part of their DNA. That's why JES is the perfect organisation to launch into space. Plus, they can blog about it, which makes the spacebillboard even more visible.


JES does a incredibly great job on this planet. It's time to write it in the stars.

A Youth Laboratory deserves to receive credit in space.

the best

Kebene Children Home

Support them too

Kebene is a small scale project founded in 2007, we provide shelter, education and a good home for 48 orphaned and neglected children in Kenya. All funding is done on a voluntary base from Belgium and the Netherlands (explaining the word KE(nya)BE(lgium)NEtherlands

Kidney Health Australia

Support them too

Our focus is to save and improve the lives of Australians with kidney disease, through education, advocacy, research and support.

Klaas Debruyne

Support them too

Zeer nuttig project

Knaagdierenopvang Wind Whistler

Support them too

Because everyone deserves a second chance and so do our little critters. Everyone always talks about war, hunger, abuse, even dogs and cats hit the media but the ones left in the shadow are our little furry friends: guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, degus, rats, ... Because they deserve it too!

KOPP OP Limburg

Support them too

We support the children of parents with psychiatric problems. These children are often forgotten. We help them understand the problems within the family and deal with their own emotions..

La Maison des Arts du Spectacle

Support them too

Un chœur pour devenir Acteur de sa Vie


Support them too

MAF uses planes to make people in unreachable areas of the earth reachable for help, whereas space-exploration makes unreachable areas of the universe reachable! The MAF logo on the bilboard is a great message to people in remote areas; we are here to serve you and even space is in our reach! Vote for MAF!

MAKS vzw

Support them too

Because bridging the digital divide is key to economic and social equality.


Support them too

Community development

Community development in Vietnam and Cambodia


Support them too

After bringing basic health care to the most remote corners of middle Africa. Today, Memisa wants to go where no man has gone before, space!

After bringing basic health care to the most remote corners of middle Africa. Today, Memisa wants to go where no man has gone before, space!

They work very hard to support medical structures

Because Memisa always goes where no man has gone before!

Memisa is the best!

Support of Hospitals in DR Congo where the still exist hospitals without drinking water. (2015). Memisa does do splendid help in the middle of Africa!

Mothers for Peace

Support them too

With the projects from Mothers for Peace in Afghanistan a lot of people get the support they need. The organisation provides health care, health education, literacy classes, English classes, sewing classes... More than 40.000 people per year are getting the help they need in these projects. Mothers for Peace changes lives and that message should definitely travel to space.

MS-Liga Vlaanderen vzw

Support them too

MS-Liga Vlaanderen wants to be there for all the people with MS AND their family/network. Not only are there 19 social workers spread in Flanders who come to their homes providing support and information in the difficult situation they can be in. Also a large number of volunteers are active providing much needed support and fundraising. Beside this MS-Liga Vlaanderen finds it very important to support scientific research against this disease. Together we're #strongerthanMS

alle personen met MS zouden overal ter wereld moeten kunnen rekenen op een gerichte behandeling en de nodige psychosociale ondersteuning. Togheter we are stronger than MS!

Music Fund

Support them too

Music is an instrument for development. Give Music A Chance!

nASR (Allen Samen voor Ronse)

Support them too

"Nous oeuvrons pour favoriser le contact et le dialogue entre differentes cultures et generations." nASR (Allen Samen voor Ronse) (Tous Ensemble pour Renaix)

nASR Ronse (Allen Samen voor Ronse)

Support them too

ze doen een hele reeks een socio-culturele activiteiten om de contacten en banden tussen verschillende culturen en verschillende generaties te verbeteren ze doen het op een heel positieve manier en met positieve bedoelingen. ronse is onze stad. Voor nASR , Alhoussein

National Dental Foundation

Support them too

The National Dental Foundation is committed to helping and supporting the underprivileged by providing free dental care through our organised volunteer system. Our mission is to develop, evaluate and provide our services to the people that we target specifically as being genuinely in need of emergency dental care.

Nema vzw

Support them too

Nema is the Flemish organization for people with a neuromuscular disease (NMD). NMDs affect children ánd adults, are incurable, disabling and often lethal. Nema does a great job by organizing contacts amongst fellow-sufferers, wheelchair accessible activities, informing and lobbying, supporting research, ... They mean a world of difference to hundreds of patients and their families. Nema’s many volunteers or their child have an NMD themselves. These people deserve a place between the stars!

Night Sweats in accessibility

Support them too

Accessibility EVERYWHERE ! Night Sweats in Accessibility is a UNIQUE experience ; it is an night that brings together people who have a lot to learn from each other. It is the goal of all the participating associations to make sure that you will have a good time and that taboos are overcome.

NTGent Publiekswerking

Support them too

Publiekswerking wil het publiek kennis laten maken met de verscheidenheid van NTGent. Specifieke aandacht gaat naar DIVERSITEIT en PARTICIPATIE. UiTPAS-tickets, ‘op maat’-werking, partnerschappen, ondersteuning van buurtevenementen/-acties, zelf op de planken staan bij spiegelprojecten, stage lopen of op welke manier dan ook deelnemen/-hebben...het kan allemaal! We werken ook aan TOEGANKELIJKHEID voor rolstoelgebruikers, blinden en slechtzienden, doven en slechthorenden en personen met autisme.

Oikoten - Langdurige staptochten voor jongeren in problemen

Support them too

Oikoten - Alba vzw biedt jongeren uit de Vlaamse Jeugdzorg de kans om op een actieve manier aan de slag te gaan met de moeilijkheden waar ze mee worstelen. Tijdens een staptocht onder begeleiding, met rugzak en tentje in het buitenland, ruilen ze hun uitzichtloze situatie voor het onbekende. Met de hoop opnieuw greep op hun eigen leven te krijgen, om weer aanvaard te worden door familie, om met een schat aan nieuwe ervaringen op zak, een onbekende kant van hun persoonlijkheid te ontwikkelen.

Onafhankelijk Leven vzw

Support them too

Omdat in de ruimte alle mensen, met en zonder handicap, even (on)-afhankelijk zijn

Deze vereniging is zeer goed bezig

ONS Genk

Support them too

The youth movement "ONS Genk" are young people who believe that we can build a multicultural society where everyone knows each other's background and understands. We invite people to learn from eachother as well as discuss on this subject. Our intention is not to win people to our cause but to break taboos and to work towards the common welfare and multicultural.

The youth movement "ONS Genk" are young people who believe that we can build a multicultural society where everyone knows each other's background and understands. We invite people to learn from eachother as well as discuss on this subject. Our intention is not to win people to our cause but to break taboos and to work towards the common welfare and multicultural.

Onthaalouders Landelijke Kinderopvang

Support them too

Elke dag opnieuw, met een warm hart, over gans Vlaanderen, staan zij garant voor een mooie kindertijd voor elk kind.

Open School Antwerpen

Support them too

Open School Antwerpen helps improve the literacy skills of adults. We want our students to stand strong in an age of rapid developments. Reading, writing, working with numbers, finding your way in the digital world, ... sending messages into space requires all of these skills!

For 30 years now the centre for basic education in Antwerp is improving the basic skills of low literate adults in a very warm and professional way

Because we educate the People who need It most!

Because education changes the nation!

because they teach thousands and thousands of illiterate adults how to read, write and calculate

open school provides education for those people in society who need it the most. Everyone should have the chance to learn how to read and write;

Omdat Open School Antwerpen elk jaar 10.000 volwassenen cursussen aanbiedt waardoor die beter integreren en participeren in de samenleving.

We give people in poor conditions, who have no access to normal education cause of the costs and the to high level of education, a possibility to better there skills for surviving by offering low cost education designed for there needs. We fight illiteracy.

In open school kunnen volwassenen basisvaardigheden leren of verder oefenen. Broodnodig om mee te kunnen in de samenleving.

Because low educated people also can climbe high to the sky

Optimists Without Borders

Support them too

Optimism is not a congenital aptitude for happiness that can free us from life’s sadness and pain. Optimism is an apprenticeship by which, through a conscious decision, man evolves through discipline and self knowledge. Optimism leads to an understanding of the meaning of life. The opposite of optimism is not only pessimism. The opposite of optimism is also, and perhaps above all, cynicism.

Opération Thermos

Support them too

Since 1987, Opération Thermos offers every evening of every winter a full meal and a warming smile to an increasing number of persons in need.

Pour la distribution de plus de 25000 repas depuis 27 ans

Pour la distributionde 25000 repas par ans


Support them too

ORBIT vzw is a small organization with a dedicated team, accomplishing big things. ORBIT helps people come home to and feel at home in the world of diversity and migration.

ORBIT vzw tries to come to a better world for everyone, especially the people who need it the most (migrants for example), with Mutual understanding and in respect of each other.

Pascale Lassablière

Support them too

Dans cette association se retrouvent des personnes excluent de la vie de la société, ou juste un peu seules, des chômeurs, des jeunes et des moins jeunes, en formation ou non, juste pour partager leur pensée, leur vision du monde par des textes qu'ils écrivent collectivement et individuellement. Et cela les rend heureux.

patient partner program

Support them too

in search of earlier diagnosis of rumatoide artritis and ankylosing spondilitis

Patrasche Foundation

Support them too

This is a unique project that helps animal and youngsters at risk by learning them to train en nurse one another.

PECS - Pont d'entraide pour la Chaîne de Solidarité

Support them too

Une asbl congolaise qui vise l'épanouissement intégral des personnes en situation particulièrement difficile.

Pirlewiet vzw

Support them too

Wij bieden mensen in kansarmoede de mogelijkheid om op vakantie te gaan. Iedereen heeft eens nood aan vakantie, aan een dagje er tussenuit. Wij maken dit mogelijk voor diegenen die dit zelf niet kunnen.

PPP vzw

Support them too

Eureka! voor REUMA De wereld op zijn kop Patiënten leren professionals hoe de aandoening vroegtijdig! te herkennen.

An inspirational organization, contributing to the improvement of patient care and outcomes!


Because PPP is a worthy program to be viewed from Space!

Patiënten zetten zich vrijwillig in, zodat andere patiënten vroegtijdig geholpen kunnen worden door een snellere diagnose.

Omdat ik RA patiënt ben!

zelf een grote addict van de PP aanpak!

veel patiënten zullen hierdoor minder pijn, minder misvormingen,...gewoonweg een beter leven hebben

It's worth while!

Very original concept of educating by patients. The world upside down. Please sens this around the world!

fantastic initiative

because it's necessary to put REUMA in the spotlights !

It's a disease that is not always visible, so it is important that it can be recognised soon by doctors.

To support a better way of communication between patients and people who are doing their best to find the precise diagnosis. A relief for both.

nuttig organisme

zeer belangrijk

because the patiënt is central

PPP doet superwerk

We give our support. Also support for all the reuma patients.

PPP verricht zeer goed werk!

doet goed zijn werk!

Reuma verdient meer aandacht daarom stem ik graag voor het citaat van de ppp vzw!

Because I think it can help many people

I think that this organisation really helps getting people to be more cautious about this disease. It is really important that this disease gets diagnosed in a very early stage, so they can stagnate it and give the patients a better, more easier life. This organisation helps people to become more aware of this disease and it give a better education to the doctors who have to diagnose and treat it.

because i am a patient-partner

because we need recognicion and treatment for all the peoples

Strong commitment of patient advocates!

Omdat ik zelf patient partner AS ben en dit een super project vind en hier zelf enorm veel voldoening uithaal!

Because Rheuma is such an unknown diseases and that must changing

Eureka voor reuma

early recognize from Reumatic Arthritis

De inzet van zoveel gedreven mensen

it is an innovative project!

optimale behandeling à la carte voor personen met Ra.

ppp vzw

Because it simply is a good cause!

Griend support

Patienten een beter leven geven

it is an important cause

My sister who has reuma teach to students in this project!

Vind dit super dat studenten aan zo een project werken

Heel positieve ervaring

they do good work en help many patients

I am a patient and this is important!

Omdat je mensen moet helpen

reuma patienten steunen

omdat het een fantastisch initatief is

EUREKA! voor reuma. De wereld op zijn kop. Patiënten leren professionals hoe de aandoening vroegtijdig te herkennen.


Elk onderzoek hier rond is belangrijk

Organisation runned by patients to make professionals and people more aware of rheumatic diseases and the importance of early recognition and treatment

The voice of the patient is important!

Omdat ik zelf RA-patiënte ben

Because they recognize the importance of patients' knowledge and experiences in the education process of future and currents medical doctors.

great idea

Eureka voor reuma! De wereld op zijn kop. Patiënten leren dokters Hoe het moet.

PPP is a wonderful initiative that helps the patients with rheuma.

Because Reuma should be in the picture once as well.

because i believe in them

Patients informing caregivers, a splendid initiative !

They deserve it for all the work they do !

om reuma meer in de aandacht te brengen, waar dit nu soms te weinig gebeurt...

Very good service to support RA patient and doctors treating them

For our patients

together for a better world

Reuma meer bekendheid geen, super project !

I stand behind this orgfanisation which helps physicians to recognise reuma sumptoms and therefore contribute to an early diagnosis and fast treatment start for reuma patients!


Support them too

We support and guide youngsters and young adults in their journey towards a place in society and their quest for employment !

Omdat de toekomst in de ruimte begint met de toekomst van de jeugd, hier op Aarde

My vote goes to profo, because they give young people the chance to develop their skills, talents and helps explore them.

Puits Carbone Agroforestier Ibi Village en RD Congo

Support them too

Les forêts du plateau des Batéké gérées durablement sont à l’avant garde de la lutte contre le changement climatique et le Mécanisme de Développement Propre en Afrique. Engagé depuis 10 ans dans ce changement durable, le puits carbone Ibi village emploie une vingtaine de collaborateurs congolais est aussi devenu un modèle d’économie collaborative, participative et sociale pour les milliers de villageois qui ont retrouvé une autonomie alimentaire, un bien être et une valorisation de leur terroir


Support them too

Great platform for young classical music players, violinists, pianists, cellists and singers. High standards, excellent music and performances, many discoveries and great talent. Exceptional media coverage and very wide international public. A long story of music and emotion since 1937.


Support them too

Medialab Quindo enables young people to improve their social and media skills by making media content (radio, video, photos, games, texts). With Radio Respect the focus is on disadvantaged youth.

Restorecameroon Project

Support them too

The project will directly benefit girls aged 10 to 24 years as well as young women aged 24 to 30 years. It will indirectly benefit young men aged 10 to 30 years as well as women and men older than this age group. The disproportionate prevalence rate for women and men in the region is 11.9% and 5.2% respectively. The first step, then, is to improve the channels of communication for reaching out to girls and women about HIV/AIDS.

I vote for every good cause!

For its innovative insights on the African Continent and Cameroon in particular.


Support them too

Rheumatic diseases are a huge burden in the daily lives of many children, adolescents, men and women. The pain and fatigue are often not visible, which causes disbelieve and misunderstandings at home, at school, at work, among friends. Despite progress in medicine, a cure is not yet found and this will not be the case for many years. People with rheumatic diseases deserve attention and understanding, all over the world, and beyond!

for a friend


Patients around the world with chronic arthritis take more barriers in life, often not visible ones to outstanders, because they live optimistic. They need our support and enthousiam to maintain active lifestyle.

Rondpunt vzw

Support them too

Een verkeersongeval ... ... overkomt je niet, tot het je wel overkomt, zet je leven op zijn kop, confronteert je met verlies, met grote en kleine zorgen, brengt je in een wereld van onzekerheid, geeft je een drive om nieuwe verkeersongevallen te voorkomen. Rondpunt zet zich in voor een betere opvang van alle verkeersslachtoffers. Streeft naar een betere re-integratie, sensibiliseert jongeren en het grote publiek. En haalt jonge verkeersslachtoffers uit hun sociaal isolement.

Rondpunt is een organisatie die in de loop der jaren onmisbaar is geworden. Het is tijd om ook hen eens in de bloemetjes te zetten!

Om secundaire victimisatie bij verkeersslachtoffers te voorkomen!

They do an awesome job! They help all road victims back on track.

so many lifes get lost because of driving when having drunk to much ! it's "western" terrorism

Because they do wonderfull work

Goede werking

Rondpunt geeft verkeersslachtoffers de zeer belangrijke steun zodat ze terug verder kunnen na het erge dat ze hebben meegemaakt

Because road traffic victims need all the help offered by this team.

Omdat verkeersveiligheid zo'n actueel en belangrijk thema is.

Rudy Raes

Support them too

Ja natuurlijk. Wij opteren voor jongeren die maatschappelijk verantwoordelijk zijn

S2P Start to Play - Dominiek Savio Instituut vzw

Support them too

Spelen, en dus ook speelruimte, is een recht voor ieder kind. Dus zeker ook voor kinderen met een handicap die nood hebben aan een aangepaste speelplaats.

Deze toffe kinderen hebben ook recht op een aangename en aangepaste speelplaats. Stem maar allemaal voor deze leuke en aangepaste speelplaats.

Omdat spelen leuk is

Because Dominiek Savio is a great institut that gives a lot attention to those kids

because ALL children deserve a nice and save place to play!

The lady who kindly asked us to vote on Dominiek Savio Instituut vzw has a warm heart for the disabled people. She is so sweet!

Special people are working every day with this speciale kids...mmust be very hard. So I think that both of them deserved to have a great place to play

Omdat elk kind recht zou moeten hebben op een fijne speeltijd...

Om een enorm grote glimlach op de gezichten van de kids te zien als ze spelen op een mooie en aangepaste speelplaats!

best known institute for me

Mooi project!

Wij willen dat kinderen veilig en wel kunnen spelen

Salesians of Don Bosco Burundi-Rwanda-Uganda

Support them too

Dear all, salesians in the great lake region are working in those countries. Salesians in this region are working in hands with the local authorities, to educate, to reconcile young people. Out 13 institutions in the region are receiving youngsters for academic, cultural and spiritual activities. We train them in different skills and so they can work with their hands and gain new life. As most of them are poor we need support to educate them: feeding, sanitation-water, clothing, library...

they are doing many things for poor young people in Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi

Serve the City

Support them too

Serve the City is a global movement of volunteers 
showing kindness in practical ways to people in need. We focus on the following groups of people: Homeless, Asylum seekers, Elderly, Disabled, Children in need, Victims of abuse. We partner with local social-profit associations serving people in need and create projects in which volunteers can get involved.
 We are the connection between the good intentions and talents 
of people who could volunteer and a meaningful opportunity to get involved.

Service d'Actions Sociales

Support them too

Our mission is to support families in difficulty. We fight the mechanisms of exclusion and social inequality to provide more opportunities for children


Support them too

Solidagro strives for everybody’s right to food. More specifically, they are working to improve the food security situation of farmers in remote rural areas in southern countries. Together with 22 partner organisations, they are supporting projects in West Africa (Gambia, Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso), Bolivia and the Philippines, because two thirds of the 870 million hungry people in the world are farmers.

SOS Children's Villages / SOS Kinderdorpen / SOS Villages d'Enfants

Support them too

Because no child is born to grow up alone. Even somewhere in space.

I have visited many of their projects and have seen with my own eyes that their work is making a big difference for thousands of children!

Because no child is born to grow up alone. SOS Children's Villages gives children with no one left to care for them a loving home. And a happy child is the most beautiful thing there is.

Sport Against Racism Ireland

Support them too

Sport Against Racism Ireland (SARI) is an NGO and social enterprise working on the island of Ireland to promote human rights based on the single race theory of 'One Race - The Human Race'.

The are really doing a Great job by helping to remove racism in all kinds of Sports. They have been very supportive since they started operating in 2007. They really deserve my vote.

Because it's so important to get the anti-racism message as much publicity as possible

Supports the concept of One Race-The Human Race; peace and inclusion, through the universal and fun language of sport

Start to Play - Dominiek Savio Instituut vzw

Support them too

Start to Play. Every child deserves a pleasant and challenging playground at school. Our primary school for pupils with a physical disability, wishes to transform the old playground into an exciting and safe place for every child . S2P is an initiative of Dominiek Savio Institute for adults and children with disabilities.

Playing is the start of friendship, creativity and dreams. These are all very necessary in our society !

Onze kinderen werken elke dag vol enthousiasme, samen met hun ouders en schoolteam, aan de ontwikkeling van hun talenten ! Een aangepaste speelplaats is hierin superbelangrijk.

Fantastic children, great school !!

Spelen, en dus ook speelruimte, is een recht voor ieder kind. Dus zeker ook voor kinderen met een handicap die nood hebben aan een aangepaste speelplaats.

Omdat elk kind een droomspeelplaats verdient!!!!

A collaborative project, where therapists, teachers, parents all work together to realize a good playing environment for children !


To create leasure possibilities for every child

a great project for our children

children - en more especially disabled children - do deserve a safe and attractive place to play

zeer mooi initiatief voor kinderen die motorisch beperkt zijn toch maximaal te laten ontdekken, spelen elk op hun manier.


Spelen is heel belangrijk en kan ook heel educatief zijn tegelijk. Het is eveneens een plaats waar sociale vaardigheden geoefend worden. Het is een plaats waar met de hoogste zorg moet mee omgesprongen worden... een investering de moeite waard!!!

because the place is in a terrible state and those kids needs a save place, so they can play en ride with their wheel-chairs

A child is a child, in a wheelchair or not; they like to play. On the play court they meet each other in other environnement; they learn to know each other on another way. The play court isn't adapted anymore, so it isn't save anymore for them. Time to fix it and also give extra possiblities at those children who need a wheelchair. Help them create a new little universe for exploring and making fun!

Onze dochter start in september op deze prachtschool, waar elk kind-hoe groot hun motorische beperking ook is- belangrijk is. We werden vriendelijk en zachtaardig ontvangen, al van bij het eerste bezoek. Via deze weg wil ik alle betrokkenen een hart onder de riem steken en hun steunen bij dit project... OMDAT IEDER KIND HET RECHT HEEFT OM ONBEZORGD BUITEN TE SPELEN

Omdat dit project ectra kansen creeert voor kinderen en omdat medewerkers en ouders zelf initiatief nemen

Playing is the start of creativity ... creativity is the start of innovation and space dreams ...

it is a very good organisation

because they have a voice!

gewoon ontzettend goed project - voor kinderen met motorische handicap is aangepaste bewegings- en spelmogelijkheden ontzettend belangrijk !!

I love how disabled children get the chance to play in a safe, friendly, modern and well equipped environment. That is why I support Start2Play with all my heart.

De minder mobiele kinderen van het Dominiek Savio Instituut verdienen een mooie speelplaats. Moest ik zelf veel geld hebben koop ik direct de mooiste speelplaats die er bestaat. Deze kinderen met matige tot zware handicap verdienen dit zeker! mvg, Paul VDB

Omdat die fantastische kinderen dubbel zo hard moeten vechten om er te geraken in het leven, niets is voor hen evident en hun doorzettingskracht is zo groot dat ze een droomspeelplaats dubbel en dik verdienen !!!!

Children with a physical disability won't be the first to explore space, but they do need space to explore! So let's give them an adapted playground which gives them ample opportunity to do so!

Samen buiten spelen, een must voor alle kinderen.

Unique project! Sympa !

Laat ook kinderen met een fysieke beperking genieten van hun speeltijd op school door het aanleggen van een perfect toegankelijke speelplaats!

Samen buiten spelen stimuleert de sociale vaardigheden en de creativiteit. Elke kind heeft recht op een veilig plaats waar hij/zij buiten kan spelen.

Children with disabilities need space... to live, lo laugh, to PLAY! Therefore we vote for the young potentials from Dominiek Savio Instituut - a school for children with special needs - giving them a new playground in Gits.

The best initiative, for a social organisation unique in its kind.

Because playing is cruciale in every child's Life ! This realisation means a lot for a lot of children !

Kinderen met een beperking hebben al niet veel speelmogelijkheden om op een speelse manier te ontwikkelen. Als wij voor onze kinderen een droomspeelplaats zouden kunnen maken, kunnen ze net als alle andere kinderen op een leuke, niet schoolse/leerse manier ontwikkelen en plezier beleven.

De leerlingen van het Dominiek Savio Instituut moeten zich tijdens de pauzes ten volle kunnen ontspannen. Spelen is een basisvoorwaarde en dit moet op een veilige, creatieve en leuke plaats kunnen gebeuren. Daar hebben ze recht op!

Spelen is een recht voor iedereen

Start to Play is the beginning of a start to live in a world we're childrden can be who they are!

Gecasseerd happiness increases while playing

Because also children with disabilities have the right to play!

Support research to cure mental illness

Support them too

Mental illness causes a lot of suffering to many families in the world and it often takes to suicide, especially when connected with other degenerative diseases, such as Huntington Disease

't Weyerke

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't Weyerke provides the best possible care for children and adults with disabilities. But our message is simple: please, people... let's look behind the disability... only then, we see: There's no 'them' and 'we'... we're all people with abilities!

Tanderuis vzw

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Tanderuis is a home support service for people with autism. The name Tanderuis refers to 'the other house' or 'a house for people who are different'. Tanderuis also offers parent support, sibling support, grandparent support, leisure support, group counseling, care support and practical and pedagogical support. Through our outreach program we spread our knowledge about autism. Our documentation center ASStheek is open to anyone interested in autism. Any support is highly appreciated.

Teaching Congolese students in Congolese languages

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In DR Congo French is the vehicular language of teaching, but there is an insufficient command of it in today's school population. This makes it desirable to use at least one of the four national languages of DR Congo (Lingala, Ciluba, Kikongo and Kiswahili) together with French, as a teaching strategy for better appropriation of knowledge and know-how. This is why we have created a primary school pilot to test this pedagogic project. We need financial teacher support.

The Constellation

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Connecting the stars on earth! (Our stars are strong communities that take issues as HIV/AIDS, living together, fair trade, poverty in their own hands. We connect them to learn and progress together)

The Refugee Next Door

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Our organisation is supporting the most vulnerable people of the planet in building up skills to succeed in life. We do that through 3 axes: 1)Children Education - Sint Francis nursery & primary school welcom 250 children 3 to 11 years old. 2)Vocational training - tailoring, catering & hairdressing as those skills are highly valued on the job market 3)Sustainable agriculture - We're sundrying & selling dried pineapples to increase financial independence of farmers and our association.

Change in approach of development

Think-Pink, the breastcancer campaign in Belgium

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Breastcancer is the main cause of death for women +35 in Belgium. There is no place on earth where there is more breastcancer per person than in Belgium. Although we are talking of one of the main health isues in the world. Breastcancer is a wordwide challenge. A mission to space could bring this right unther our noses.

Think-Pink needs more attention so more people can support the search for the complete cure!

When you're healthy, you think you can fly to the moon. When you're sic, you're happy you can see the moon.

Tonuso vzw

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this organisation supports young people and their families in Brussels with problematic upbrining situations. It helps this families and their childrens with social support, therapy, relation support. The organisations celebrates this year their 25th aniversary. 25 years of social engagement for kids, young people and their parents.

Transkript vzw

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LEES ZOALS JE WIL ! Transkript vzw is een social-profitorganisatie, actief in de productie van lectuur en alle mogelijke informatie in aangepaste leesvormen voor mensen met een leesbeperking. De aangeboden leesvormen zijn audio, aangeboden op CD of online via, groteletterdruk op maat, digitale tekstbestanden, braille en grafische voorstellingen in reliëf. Transkript vzw voert opdrachten uit voor de overheid, publieke en private diensten, bedrijven en particulieren.


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This association is a very good way for addicted people to go to recovery: a better health, contact with their family again and a new way of life; it gives hope for a lot of people who lost any chance to have a new life, in a way of responsible concern....


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We all have dreams. But for many, barriers block their dreams from becoming reality. Barriers like discrimination, inequality, corruption or a lack of access to capital, equipment and markets. These barriers cruelly crush the ambitions and dreams of entrepreneurial people. Trias is in the business of breaking down those barriers. We do this by strengthening member-based organisations of family farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs.


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Because they kick-ass and they had some very great and insanely handsome chairman in the past!

Un Toit, Un Coeur

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Un toit, Un coeur, Een dak, Een hart, One roof, One heart. Un Toit, Un Coeur welcomes homeless people in a warm and respectfull environment.

Un toit, Un coeur Een dak, Een hart One roof, One heart Un toit, Un coeur welcomes homeless people in a warm and respectful environment to offer them what everyone needs : love and consideration.

Parce qu'UTUC permet aux sans-abris de retrouver la dignité et le respect qui leur manque parfois dans la rue.

That's there that we recall that every one is the same, especially at games. I will never forget to have been beaten so many times at scrabble ;)

Chacun a droit à de l'attention et un accueil décent, quels que soient sa vie, se problèmes et ses origines

On fait face à une problématique de plus en plus import

on fait face à un probléme de plus en plus important dans notre société moderne

Utuc nous rend plus humains

yes !

This "cause" is practical, respects the people who are helped and helped to help themselves. Its presence within the city means that they too belong. thank you UTUC !

Parce que les plus pauvres ne devraient être exclus d'aucun endroit dans le monde !

C'est un endroit qui permet à des personnes qui ne vivent pas les mêmes réalités de se rencontrer, et c'est très enrichissant pour tout le monde.

Because it offers an opportunity to people from different backgrounds to come together and to learn from each other, the only way to bring peace and justice in our world

UTUC est utile à la société ,car elle aide à remettre en selle des personnes ayant connu un accident de vie.

Vriendtjes Tegen Kanker

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Eierstokkanker is een "silent killer" die heel vaak te laat ontdekt wordt, door gebrek aan goeie screening en onvoldoende kennis van de symptomen. Wij willen de ziekte daarom bekender maken onder vrouwen, en tegelijk wat geld inzamelen voor verder onderzoek aan UZ Gasthuisberg te Leuven!

Vriendtjes is een prachtige vereniging van jonge vrijwilligers om zich niet zomaar neer te leggen bij eierstokkanker. Ze verzetten al hemel en aarde om meer zichtbaarheid te krijgen via ludieke en serieuze acties, ze verdienen een plaatsje tussen alle andere sterren! Doe zo verder Vriendtjes, jullie zijn een boodschap van hoop! Sofie


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With your help, we can make it happen! VSO is the world’s leading international development organisation that uses volunteers to fight poverty and reduce inequality. Our vision is simple: a world without poverty. Our approach is unique: sending skilled volunteers from sectors such as health, education and business to work with partners who have requested our help. VSO enables a two-way exchange that benefits the volunteer and the community they serve far beyond the life of the placement.

The amount and effort of volunteers helping others with their knowledge in Africa and Azia is priseless.


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Al wie minder goed leest in het Nederlands, heeft recht op toegankelijke informatie. Daarom maakt Wablieft de wereld helder: - met nieuws in eenvoudige taal, in de Wablieft-krant en Wablieft Start - met heldere Wablieft-boek, geschreven door bekende auteurs - met organisaties en overheden te coachen in klare communicatie Everyone has the right to clear information. This is why Wablieft is publisher of newspapers in clear dutch and easy-to-read books written by known authors.

We for Work

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We live in a post-capitalist society in which the global problems we face are too large and too complex to be solved by governments or institutions alone. We need a radical change on the basis of shared ownership and participation. This is the core idea behind ‘We for Work’, for everyone contributes a part of the solution to a problem. We for Work brings talented people together to quickly realize effective apps, websites or other digital tools that can improve youth employment in Flanders.

Think big, start small. This local project (from the guys from can be easily taken over by other not-for-profits and will have a huge societal and economic impact by merging digital innovation and wicked problems!


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travail dans la diversité, accueil d'une richesse plurielle, favorise coexistence

Whiteley Village

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Possibly one of the best places to age in the world. 500 elderly people of 'limited' means living in 230 acres, 260 alms houses, residential home and nursing home. As mentioned in the UK Government Demos Report 2014. Established in 1907 by a bequest of £1m. Philanthropists we need you NOW for next charitable stage to increase homes and support for up to 800 people. Make your mark and support one of the best for years to come.

Best place to age in UK perhaps. CASS Business School are researching the longevity within Whiteley Village. Currently 12 people over the age of 100. Elderly people who have worked hard, but don't have the means to have their own home. Everyone should have the chance to age in safety, security and friendship.


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Help single mothers, widows and orphans

Zorgcentrum Maria Ter Engelen

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We bieden professionele ondersteuning voor mensen met een verstandelijke beperking om een zo zelfstandig mogelijk leven te leiden, ongeacht of ze een lichtere of zwaardere vorm van ondersteuning nodig hebben. Steeds met een warm hart voor onze cliënten.

Because they do good work for people who need it!!!

They build On a better life for people with severe disabilities and like this, they help build a better World.

het is de beste voorziening voor mensen met een beperking die ik ken. de cliënten worden door de begeleiding met een hart van goud begeleid.

ITS my work i am glad to be part of the team

Good help for people with a disability; a lot of respect!



Het beste medisch pedagogisch instituut.

Waar de medemens met een beperking een warm nest vindt ....

For the good care for people who need it

warme zorg...

A good place 2 work

Because they give a voice to the people with disabilities.

Simply the best!

MTE is the best.

Because good people deserve good residence!

Because it's a good cause

Goed doel hé! :-)

Maria Ter Engelen is a dedicated institute where all staff is taking care with passion and heart of our special children. As a father of a daughter with multiple disabilities, i can only be a preferred testimonial. But people with just one wing, we have to take them on this beautiful journey, called 'life'. That is what Maria Ter Engelen is doing, 24/7 !

het is een zeer goed verzorgt instutuut met hele goeie bekwame mensen waarop de zorg van de bewoners en de dagelijkse verzorging hoog in het vaandel worden gedragen mijn zus is daar al meer dan 40 j in zeer goeie handen

The way they treat their patients is remarkable. The relation between the carers and the family is very close. We're happy that we found this care centre.


It is a good place to stay.

ze zijn zo goed voor de bewoners en als er iets te doen is in de zaal ook al komt het niet van hun zelf toch gaan ze met de bewoners kijken en dat vindt ik top

voor Bernoux en hopen dat jullie geselecteerd worden !!Succes !! Marc & Anne De Witte - Verburgh - Meulebeke

There is a need of this !!

zorg voor mindervaliden is een belangrijke taak van de maatschappij. Daarom steun ik dat project!

prachtig werk wat het team van Maria Ter Engelen doet voor de bewoners

Deze organisatie draagt heel goed zorg voor de bewoners en verdienen dan ook een pluim

Voor Bernoux :-)

Werken met veel liefde voor hun gastjes chapeau

Dit zorgcentrum creëert met hart en ziel een thuis voor heel wat mensen met een diep verstandelijke beperking.

I work there

they make our world warmer and better. It's a real home...

uit sympathie voor de het ganse zorgcentrum

instelling met prima zorgverlening !

Omdat de bewoners daar geen nummers zijn en alle medewerkers ook behulpzaam zijn voor ouders en familieleden van de hun toevertrouwde mensen. We zijn hen erg dankbaar.

Zorgcentrum Maria Ter Engelen is the best in our region !! It gives the people hope, security and straingt to go on !!

Een voorbeeld voor allen

The real one.... een veilige thuis voor alle bewoners.

Mijn zoontje verblijft er en hij wordt er heel goed verzorgd en verwent. Hij voelt zich daar goed thuis. Het personeel levert prima werk !

A lot of attention for individual support where possible


Real good work!

because there fantastic

I work there since a week. I work at the HRM department and i like it very much. I've been without a job for 9 months, so i was happy to start there. I have lots of respect for my collegues who take care of serious disabled persons, they do it with a smile on their faces. They do their jobs not nine to five, but during the week, the weekends and even at nights. Our center is open 24h a day and 365 days a year, taking care of 450 mentally and physically disabled persons.

goede ervaring met opgenomen patiënten

Simply because they do a great job!

voor de goede zaak

They are THE best!

the best place for every one.

MTE zorgt voor mensen met een beperking. Daar dit gaat over het leiden van huishoudens in grote groepen komt hier veel bij te kijken. Elektriciteit, water, afval...... Er wordt gerecycleerd, er wordt gelet op het verbruik van elektriciteit, water, ed... Het combineren van dat allemaal verdient een pluim!

Gewoon oldat het goed is

omdat het een leuke plek is om te werken en te wonen

Very caring and professional staff ! Children and young adults feel at home and staff gives them the necessary care and attention

alles komt recht vanuit het hart!

because all the people needs help and we love the nature.


Het is een voorziening met een hart voor hun bewoners

They deserve it.


Lovely place to work, All for the cliënts!

They deserve it!

Omdat mensen er elke dag wonderen verrichten voor hun meest hulpbehoevende medemens.

Jullie hebben super goed voor onze Lucas gezorgd!

Unique integrationnof an institution in a village.

Een zorgcentrum zoals Maria Ter Engelen is heel noodzakelijk in onze maatschappij. Veel mensen staan er niet bij stil wat de zorgverleners en alle vrijwilligers allemaal doen voor de bewoners.

Omdat de cliënten bij alles op de eerste plaats staan!

The best care

De visie van iedereen in de voorziening naar onze clienten is super

ieder mens moet een kans krijgen in het leven, volgens zijn eigen kunnen en zijn, alsook de mensen die hen begeleiden verdienen een dikke pluim voor hun dagdagelijkse inzet en geduld.

It's a good institutionele and they do a good job!

Vrienden waarvan hun dochter in Maria Ter Engelen verblijft, spreken zoveel lof uit over de instelling.

for the best care we give to our people and the warm feeling that is all arround

because of their good care

Onze mentaal en lichamelijk gehandicapte dochter (48 jaar), wordt zijn haar vijfde liefdevol verzorgd in deze instelling.

Onze lichamelijk en mentaal gehandicapte dochter (48 jaar), wordt sinds haar vijfde liefdevol en met succes verzorgd in deze instelling, dit door super gemotiveerd personeel.

Super begeleiding op alle vlakken

Onze mentaal en lichamelijk gehandicapte dochter (48 jaar) wordt er sinds haar vijfde liefdevol omringd door gemotiveerd personeel. Ze leeft in een aangenaam kader met alle nodige voorzieningen.

dergelijke centrums hebben nood aan steun

Vriendelijk, hulpvaardig en verzorgend personeel welke de bewoners het zo aangenaam mogelijk maken. Respect!

Those people bring care to the weak of our society in a great way and since several decennia. This kind of people deserve to be rewarded and put in the spotlight a little more because they do great work !!!


voor het goede doel

Omdat alle mensen belangrijk zijn,ook met een beperking!

Goede verzorging van de bewoners

omdat ze enorm veel doen in deze maatschappij,onvervangbaar

goede zorgen voor onze dochter

For twelve years they took excellent care of my cousin

Een beperking is een probleem. 200% support!

dedication, friendship and liberty

verzorging van de bewoners in een aangename omgeving is zeker een pluspunt, alsook de goede zorgen van het personeel.

There allways will be needed people that will take care of others!

a warm home for many children and young ppl with disability

buitenmenselijke inspanningen voor zij die in aan de rand van de maatschappij staan

Goede verzorging van de bewoners door toegewijd en bekwaam personeel. De instelling is gelegen op het hoogste punt van de streek van waaruit een mooi zicht wordt gegarandeerd over de omgeving; dit draagt bij tot een aangenaam verblijf.

motivated staff- care of residents in a pleasant environment, with all amenities

They take care off children and adult who need special care

we geven gewoon het beste van ons zelf!!

Because they do a good job for disabled persons.


omdat ze goed werk verrichten


Simply amazing :-)

Te best service for als thema patients

Meer van dit soort centrums zouden meer in het daglicht moeten staan.

martine baert

The way they take care of their clients is heartwarming!


Super plaats voor bewoners en personeel!

Super plaats om te werken!

We go fot it !

It is a very good place for people to cure.

It's a good place for all the people with a handicap.

Prachtig wat ze daar doen.

Omdat ze dag in dag uit klaar staan om minder validen te helpen en te ondersteunen

mensen gericht

They put the people with disabilities first, they give them a good life

Omdat warme zorg overal een must is.

It is a great place to live and work! They try to improve themselve every day.

They offer a real home for the people who live there. For the people who work there it feels like a second home! They try to innovate every day!

They are taking the best care of disabled people with respect and notion of persons interests or ability.


Bernou demeulemeester steunen

Goed doel

Because it is great for the people to live there. They are very wel taken care of by al of the staff. I am a mom with a disabeld kid en i don't know what the future will bring... RESPECT!

Steunen van zorgcentrum in de buurt


It's a great organization and a fantastic team !

In een klein land zoals België; zo'n goede zorg kunnen garanderen voor mensen met een beperking, daar doen we het voor!

daily care and attendance of the disabled

Working for Maria ter Engelen is great!

They have a very personal and human approach to each one who is trusted to them.

it's a good place to work en to be

Omdat de cliënten altijd op de eerste plaats komen!

het is boeiend en t heeft veel arbeidsvreugde om te werken in een voorziening die voortdurend in beweging is

I work there!

Goed personeel!

de nood is groot in dit centrum

Best care, best employees, best management!

Because Maria Ter Engelen is a really good institution and they deserve this!

ons wordlwide bekend te maken

good institute, providing the best care for the patients !!!

Omdat het de beste instelling is in de streek...!

mooi werk voor mensen met een beperking

omdat het een warme thuis is voor zowel de kinderen als voor het personeel

Er hangt een goede, vriendelijke sfeer bij personeel en dus ook naar de bewoners toe.

omdat het een fantastisch verzorgings tehuis is

They do a fantastic work!!

It's a good work place and the childern are happy

A fantastic place filled with love and support

correcte afspraken

This is an organisation were, every day, a team of various people take care of people with special needs, with endless love and dedication. Inspiring.

Working with a great hart.

Super voorziening met een hart voor personen met een beperking!!!

Sinds jaar en dag wordt mijn nicht goed verzorgd door personeel dat zich werkelijk moeite getroost. Dank voor alles

Good reputation !

een voorziening in beweging !

Zij bieden een heel goeie zorg voor mensen met een beperking.

Omdat mensen hier als mensen met warme zorg omringd worden.

its amasing what that people get from therapie

Zorghuis Oostende

Support them too

This is a really innovative social project caring for lonely people suffering from cancer!

ZTuytenorgcentrum Maria Ter Engelen

Support them too

voor de mensen die thuis niet kunnen verzorgd worden