Praise good causes into the skies

With Earth Day coming up, we wanted to use our privilege (being able to literally send messages around the world) to help the many non-profit organizations that make the world a better place. We set up a form where people could nominate a good cause and tell them why they appreciate their work. We are the first to admit that the concept sounds very simple, but the result was really cool!

People who work for a non-profit organization put a tremendous amount of energy and devotion into their work and receiving these messages of approval really invigorates them and gives them a boost to keep doing the good work! Writing a message of support might seem less tangible than donating time or money, but we learned from the people working for a non-profit organization that they love the initiative.

Our goal with SpaceBillboard is to show that space research can improve our lives on Earth. With Earth Day coming up, we wanted to set up an action to support other non-profit organizations that make the world a better place. 

More than 100 non-profit organizations have been nominated and a couple of them even started a campaign to rally people for their good cause. We are happy to have seen so many enthusiastic responses and are impressed to see the incredible amount of organizations and people that work hard each day to make the world a better place.

On Earth Day, we selected three of the nominated non-profit organizations and we will send the messages of those organizations into space. Once in orbit, they will go around the world every 90 minutes and will eventually pass over every place on Earth. We would like to congratulate Emergency, Zorgcentrum Maria Ter Engelen and Whizzkids United with being selected. But more importantly, we would like to congratulate all organizations with the magnificent work that they do every day!

You can still nominate a good cause you like. It will not longer be eligible to be on the billboard, but it can still mean a lot to the people who work hard for the non-profit organization you nominate.